Irvine Meadows, Irvine US 


July 12, 2008



Right up there with my Vanilla Ice show

The night before the show the girls covered the mini-van with proclamations of their love for each member using the car poster paint type stuff that washes off. Anusheh has to run a few errands before the actual show so she was running around our town with that stuff on the car, she was a little embarrassed. The drive to Irvine was a little embarrassing too, cause the girls were in the back with tinted windows, while Anusheh and I were the only ones you could see sitting in the front seat eating our sandwiches, every time weâ??d take a bite there was somebody looking in the window to see what idiots were driving this car. Ridiculous.

Once we pulled into the parking lot, I knew it was gonna be worse than I anticipated; painted minivans as far as you could see. So we had to go near the tour bus which was conveniently parked right at the front of the venue to watch the girls sign the tour bus. It was COVERED with little girl scribbles, I didnâ??t check for sure, but I bet you every â??Iâ?? was dotted with a heart.

Walking to our spot in the back of the line at the other end of the parking lot, I noticed some familiar fashions or yore, tights that donâ??t go all the way down, Debbie Gibson hats, brightly colored sunglasses that have frames that are different color than the arms and much more classic 80â??s regalia. I thought after we left the 80â??s people would see the folly of their fashion faux pas and never look back. Turns out, Disney thinks it was cool.

I guess the doors werenâ??t open yet, so the line wrapped around the parking lot all the way to the water park entrance. As we were waiting, we saw one little girl walking along the line like those Christian â??repentâ?? people work the lines at the concerts normally I go to, except her sign said â??Nickâ??s Future Girlfriend.â?? The response from the girls in line was that of a cat growling at another cat to let them know to get away or I will slash your face with the Lee Press-on Nails my mom let me wear for this show.

We get though the gates into the venue, and there is sporadic screaming, are the Jonas Brothers on stage?! Are we missing it?! O-M-G *flip hair here*. We climb the 45 degree incline to the steepest lawn seats in the world (because 30 seconds after these tickets go on sale, that's all that's available,) more screaming, I'm thinking there crew members of some sort coming on stage and these girls don't realize it's not Joe or Nick or Kevin (yes that is the proper order, remember: popularity is inversely proportional to talent, popularity listed first *duh*.) There were screens on each side of the stage that were displaying text messages that people at the show could send to the number at the bottom of the screen. Almost every message said "Scream if you love ..." thus all the screaming. This is making me think: "good, maybe they get tired out early" wow, was I wrong. Several times I saw "<3" within the texts displayed, I wondered what that meant, is this some terrorist code for take one of them out, there needs to be less than 3 Jonas Brothers. From the context I finally deduced that "<3" is the texting way to make a heart, teenagers are so clever.

Demi Lovato was the opening act. I guess she was in Camp Rock, the new Disney/Jonas Bros movie. After every song she was looking at the crowd waiting for them to cheer for her, I wondered what her face would look like if they didn't. Before every song she said "are you ready California" Who says that? I mean really? Overall, immemorable.

First time I have ever seen this, the managers of the Jonas Brothers came out to introduce them. After the introduction, there was 10 minutes of commercials on the screens, then 10 more minutes of just waiting, the anticipation was just killing me.

When they finally came out, we stood up and realized that I was, in fact, the tallest guy at the show, usually that guy stands right in front of me at any given show.

Disney money buys a grandiose stage show, there were real flames and LED screens covering every part of the stage. They finally showed up, 3 characters from different times: Joe like Burt from Sesame Street, Nick like Corey Haim, circa 1989 (Dream a Little Dream), Kevin like Hyde from "That 70's Show."

Yada, yada, yada, , screaming people walking on our blanket, ear plugs, Civilization Revolution on my DS, the concert ends.

Coors 24oz - $13 (how much is a case of Coors?) By the time I get to the bottom of 24oz of anything, it's warm, so you have a warm Coors, I didn't drink anyway because it was a long drive home late at night, but wow, travesty after travesty, after travesty at this show. Purified water was $4, Snickers bar was $4.

As the girls were waiting in line to buy t-shirts, there was some screaming and a stampede, I guess the boys were travelling from the stage to the tour bus and the girls wanted to catch a glimpse, I was concerned that girls were gonna get trampled, but thought the surface tension of one of these 100 pound, 13 year-old female organisms must be stronger than the pressure another could exert. I quickly scanned the videos stored in my memory banks and found army ants from The Discovery Channel, crawling all over each other and being just fine afterwards and I knew everything would be OK.
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