Shibuya O-EAST, Shibuya JP 


August 18, 2012



Ths show seriously rocked my socks and served as the perfect ending before I moved back to Europe in 2012. Really, it was phenomenal! I won't even say anyone was the best... or.. well, AYABIE played xD

I brought my friend to see SCREW for the first time, just to see her reaction to Byou's overwhelming sex appeal and it was so worth it~

And also, this was GOTCHAROCKA's debut and also my first time seeing Jui perform as he was their vocalist. It was really great.

Finally, as a personal side note... We saw the most gorgeous girl ever there, who looked like a femal version of SID's Aki... Which means she was perfect. And we taught her the furi for AYABIE's songs~
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