Hyde Park, London GB 


June 29, 1996



The Twats at the Capital helpline said that Alanis Morissette would be on at 2pm. We strolled in at 1.30 to find her set almost finished which pissed me off no end! Wasn't at all in to Dylan at the time so was eager to see Quadrophenia! The Who were superb although I didn't think the sound was great! Gary Glitter guested on a track and Daltrey wore an eye patch as Glitter, performing Daltrey's patented mic windmill swing, lost control and hit Daltrey's eye in rehearsal. Shame it wasn't Glitter hurt and it didn't kill the paedo bastard! Pink Floyds David Gilmore guested on Dirty Jobs and Love Reign O'er Me. After missing Alanis and the poor sound quality for The Who, Eric Clapton opened with Layla but the acoustic version. This was the final straw, we left!
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