JFK Stadium Philadelphia, Philadelphia US 


June 11, 1977



my first concert, it was amazing. I remember every second of the show
added by Rick Hughes
When they played gimme three steps people standing on top of an ice cream truck selling cones in the stadium began stomping their feet...and they crushed the roof down onto the truck. No joke I was there and saw it with my own eyes.
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First Concert without parents. Was hot as hell but who cares when you are at one of the best memories of your life. Went with Gina Tortorice and friends. Lynyrd Skynyrd & Peter Frampton...Sweet 16!
Was a 19 year old die hard Lynyrd Skynyrd fan at the time of the show. Remember like it happened yesterday, once Skynyrd finished up, and Frampton came on, we left. After hearing the greatest rock song sung live(FreeBird), it was no contest. Frampton was doomed. On a side note Skynyrd was planning on playing at the Spectrum in Philly sometime in November of 77, tickets were to go on sale the day after the plane crash.. So sad... Long live Skynyrd....
added by Bub
Great concert, we took a Martz Bus Trip down from Scranton PA. Lol, it was hot as hell. I remember having cherry flavor ice cones. Accidentally spilled on person in front of me. I thought he's going to kill me, actually cooled him off. Great concert, J Geils great and off course SKYNARD before the tragic death of Vanzant. But Frampton was my hero! Lol I even had my hair style like his. I still have hair, Peter not as much.
When they let the white doves go when they start to play free bird was awesome
added by Don Gill
Can't find any video! This was one of the best concerts ever!
added by Patricia Lynn
I was 14 years old and my first concert. And after the concert at 10th and Packer in the Holiday Inn lobby I saw Ronnie VanZant and got his autograph on the back of my ticket stub. And tragically a few months later he died in the plane crash. WOW the memories and the history EXCITING I sill have the ticket stub with Ronnie VanZant autograph AWESOME
added by Shawn Church
That was my first concert- I got sick - I was better once J. Geils came on
added by Jan Hulswit
The best concert I ever attended! All day on the green!
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